Frequently Asked Questions


Questions About Product Use


Do your production processes meet the established standards?

Yes, we have the necessary certificates.
Click here to view our certificates.



Questions About Our Products (color, material, applications, etc.)


Do you provide R&D support in choosing the right packaging?

Our R&D department can help you develop novel packaging items. 


Can we view your production facilities before issuing our production approval?

Visits to our production facilities during business hours can be arranged with an appointment. The necessary hygiene rules must be followed during your visit.


Do SEN-PA Plastic Medical products bear the CE label?

Our products are CE-certified.


Do you produce in standard colors? Is packaging available in custom colors?

We offer custom coloring options. You can contact us to learn more about the minimum order amounts. Please contact us by filling out the contact form.


Questions About Custom Orders (accessories, prints, etc.)


Do you provide design support for non-standard packaging?

We are happy to help you over a meeting.


Can we add stickers/print to plastic packaging products?

Yes, please contact us with details.