From the Board


Dear business partners, stakeholders, and colleagues,

we have just passed the 27-year milestone in our journey that began in 1996. Our company is now over 27 years old.

I believe that our diligence and relationships built on mutual trust, have been instrumental to our success.

We work hard to add new entries to the list of achievements we’ve accomplished together. We form long-term plans after careful analysis of our industry, economic developments in our country as well as international business cycles.

We prioritize investments into technology and infrastructure. By doing so, we aim to maximize our product quality and efficiency.


We understand that investing in human resources is necessary to compete in a globalized world. We plan our investments accordingly and operate with the aim to become a strong global player in the industry.

As SEN-PA, we are aware that our value-added innovative products focus on people and human health. Since 2020, it has become apparent that we must invest more in health. We know that a healthy life is the best gift a person can receive. We are happy to have achieved a positive influence on humanity with the help of our customers while taking all necessary precautions for our employees and business partners.

We will not stop our fervent quest to produce high-quality and innovative products and support new projects. Utilizing technology and innovation, we, along with our stakeholders, will continue to add sustainable value to our world.

We are deeply grateful to our business partners, customers, and stakeholders for their long-standing belief in us throughout our 27-year-long production journey.

Selim Oğuzlu