HR Policy


SEN-PA is proud to have a long history of treating its employees respectfully and with dignity.

SEN-PA’s culture stands out thanks to our core principle of providing honesty, mutual trust, and confidentiality to our employees, customers, suppliers, and communities.

Ethical Business Behavior

This Human Rights Policy is the foundation of SEN-PA’s business ethics and compliance program and sets out that SEN-PA employees must work justly, honestly and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations including those on Human Rights. The company has the appropriate mechanisms to monitor compliance and facilitate the reporting of violations.

Protection of Employee Rights

SEN-PA guarantees a safe and equal working environment that promotes open and honest communication for its employees and fosters dignity, respect and diversity in all facets of its operations. SEN-PA also supports the elimination of all forced, indentured or compulsory servitude and the freedom of organization. It believes and supports that people should work out of choice or desire.


Equal Opportunities

We recognize, respect and embrace cultural differences across the world. Our workplace adopts a meritocratic culture that aims to attract, improve, support and retain talent from all cultures and groups. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind.


We follow the legal minimum standards regarding compensation. In striving to adhere to industry standards, our compensation will never fall below the minimum standard and may exceed this amount. Our payment system is compliant with all effective legislature and is clearly expressed to employees.

Relationship with People

In light of our values, we respect the cultures, customs and values of the communities in which we operate and care for their needs, concerns and demands.


This Human Rights Policy Statement is implemented through the Company’s business ethics and compliance program, which was communicated to all employees through training. It can be accessed from SEN-PA’s website. SEN-PA’s Human Rights Policy Statement was prepared by the company’s Human Resources department and its implementation is reviewed regularly.