About SEN-PA


SEN-PA was founded in 1987 as a marketing firm specializing in promotional merchandise. Our production journey began in 1996 with just six people in a 150-m² facility manufacturing measuring spoons for a leading pharmaceutical company in Turkey.

We have proudly served our industries for 28 years. This has equipped us to develop products tailored to meet the demands and needs of our customers by predicting future trends and customer dynamics. We always remain responsive to the packaging needs of the medical and cosmetics industries through our design, development and production solutions without compromising on our guiding principle of “creating quality and innovative products.”

We adhere to all applicable national and international standards in our products and acquire all necessary quality certificates and standards for our production facilities.

Our 550-m² Class D Clean Room, commissioned in 2020, is the latest and most tangible evidence of our commitment to satisfying the industry standards.

As of today, we are working around the clock to produce approximately 700+ million products per year with 70+ employees.

In the exciting future that lays ahead of us, we will implement new projects that focus on technology and innovation without making compromises from our long-standing product quality and high standards.

We plan to increase the number of our production lines within the next five years to achieve a permanent seat at the international table.