We Began Production of Ophthalmic Dropper Bottles!

17 Ocak 2024
We Began Production of Ophthalmic Dropper Bottles!

Sen-Pa has a range of products for ophthalmic applications in the pharmaceutical market. We fulfill all the high-quality production and protection requirements, which are the most important needs of ophthalmic product packaging. Our company has the necessary certifications to produce medical packaging and the conditions are checked by constant inspections.
Features of our Ophthalmic Packaging;

  • Customizable drop size, packaging sizes and colors
  • Drug Safety: Variety of Colored Screw Caps Can Help Distinguish Multiple Formulations
  • Air-tight and light-tight packaging
  • Leak tightness test has been carried out
  • Multi-piece assemblies are carried out in fully automatic machines without human contact
  • It is produced untouched in a D-Class Clean Room Production area
  • Production is done with approved raw materials and dyes without additives